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“Through the discovery of new voices, and communicating their stories, we plan to expand people’s expectation and honor humanity through the conveying of an ever unfolding serendipity of suddenlys’.”



 “We intend to be a growing and global company by producing purposeful processes to promote voices of valuable innovation. We envision a multitude of global human hubs, even an artistic, and living neural network of the human soul, which, through the communication of story, releases honorable voices across new communication platforms, some yet to be invented and implemented in such a way as to rightly shape humanities destiny.”



These are three straight rails upon which we run:

o HONOUR - We shall always place man above machine, honor human heritage, and rejoice in national diversity. 

o HONESTY - We shall embrace freedom of expression above offence, believing that this will lead to honest communication and, who knows, even amicable solutions.

o HARD WORK – We shall embrace the ‘sweat of our brow,’ value diligence, reward tenacity, and share profitability.

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